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The high cost of care associated with large, corporate health systems can be a burden for many people and their families. When you need care, it helps to turn to a reputable clinic with providers you can trust. 

Born from a desire to relieve pain and improve quality of life with an all-encompassing approach to health care, Baxter Medical Center is a locally owned medical center that’s dedicated to our community.

What YOU Get

Whether you’re a new visitor or you’ve visited us before, we hope you’ll enjoy our engaging and user-friendly website we built with the help of an award-winning website agency, Lifted Logic.

Through a rigorous web design process, the leadership at Baxter Medical Center collaborated with Lifted Logic to pour over every detail of our new site. Every word, image, color, and more was carefully chosen to provide patients and new users the best web experience possible. 

With our new website, patients can gain an enhanced understanding of the full range of capabilities offered by Baxter Medical Center. From one convenient place, users can:


During this process, we also had the opportunity to bring Lifted Logic directly to our location in Baxter, MN to shoot real photos and videos of our patients and medical center. Inviting real members of the community to join in our professional photoshoot allowed us to truly showcase our personality and share our joy with the Baxter Medical Center staff.

Working with Baxter Medical Center was truly a rewarding experience from beginning to end. Their knowledge, attention to detail, and friendly nature made it apparent how much they care for others. 

— Emma Levine, Senior Project Manager at Lifted Logic

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