How it works

All of our aesthetic procedures are outpatient procedures designed to help you look and feel young and vibrant. Treatments like Botox require no downtime and can be completed during your lunch break, though like any treatment at Baxter Medical Center we will require a consultation to ensure you get nothing but the very best care.

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How It Works

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Content tab
Images tab
Images how_it_works_images repeater
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Images on the left and content accordion on the right.

As the user scrolls to this part of the page the first accordion will open, an image on the left, and a progress bar below that accordion section with a 10sec timer. Once the accordion has been open for 10 seconds it will close and the one below it will open changing out the image as well. If a user clicks on one of the accordion titles it will also close the current one and open the accordion the user selected, restarting the timer and changing the image.